UNITED CPC-250 — Centrifugal Barrel Finishing System


THE CPC-250 CENTRIFUGAL BARREL FINISHING SYSTEM unlike vibratory bowls, yields quick and consistent results. Although it is smaller than other CBFs, it can deburr small parts 10 times faster than any vibratory tumbler with more consistency and precision. Deburring parts and separating them from tumbling media is also faster than vibratory deburring. With additional barrels on standby, parts and media can be changed in less than a minute. Due to its smaller barrels, the CPC-250 consumes less media and compound than Mini Harperizers or other vertical barrel finishers.

COST EFFECTIVE, QUIET AND EFFICIENT The CPC-250 deburring machine is inexpensive, compact, and efficient. It is quiet enough to operate in an office environment. Ideal for deburring small parts and low volume production. Parts up to 5" x 4.5" can easily be processed. Smaller parts like dental components or screw components can be processed by the thousands.

DIRECT DRIVE SYSTEM The CPC-250's direct drive system utilizes cleated belts which optimize performance and minimize noise and vibration. Removable panels make it simple to access all parts of the unit for maintenance.

SIMPLE, INTUITIVE CONTROLS The CPC-250 uses simple controls. United's exclusive touchscreen and PLC controls have process data storage capabilities. This allow operators to quickly recall past process parameters to ensure consistency on runs.

REMOVABLE BARREL LINERS Barrel liners are locked with a simple lid and cam system. No tools needed. Parts and liners can be removed in under 10 seconds. All four barrels can be loaded with parts, media, compound, and water in under a minute.