UNITED CPC-4000 — Centrifugal Barrel Finishing System


THE CPC-4000 CENTRIFUGAL BARREL FINISHER is the most automated deburring machine in its class. It comes standard with a separating system that separates parts from media, a rinse system that washes both parts and media, and PLC touchscreen controls that can automatically load recipes into the system, eliminating operator error. For even more automation, see our CPC4000FA. The CPC4000 can process more parts per barrel than other similar volume high energy machines due to its configuration. Unlike competing 4 cubic foot centrifugal barrel tumblers, the barrels on the CPC4000 are smaller in diameter but longer, allowing the parts to spread inside the barrels instead of bunching up in the center. Therefore, more parts can be processed without part-on-part impingement. These barrels also have the ability to create up to ten individual compartments per barrel for processes where parts must be kept from touching each other. The same cannot be said for vibratory bowls or centrifugal disc finishers.

DIRECT DRIVE SYSTEM The CPC-4000 drive system is configured in United's butterfly design and is composed of heavy duty chains to eliminate stretching. Power locks prevent slippage or premature wear on sprockets. United's drive system is durable and easy to maintain. All maintenance can be performed by removing a side panel with just 4 screws.

COMPUTERIZED PROCESS CONTROLLER The CPC (Computerized Process Controller) is capable of storing a large amount of process information such as: types and amounts for the media and compounds, maximum number of parts per barrel, loading instructions or procedures, and cycle time and turret RPM.

EASY PROCESS SELECTION The operator may choose which process to run (either by part description, part number, or process code) from the preset process screen, then simply select either to review operating procedures or to run the process. Once "Run" has been selected process parameters such as media and water levels, turret RPM and cycle time are automatically loaded into the CPC memory and are activated by the push of a button. The system is loaded and operated to exact and consistent standards every cycle.

INJECTED MOLDED URETHANE LINERS The use of an injection-molded urethane liners allows the customer to replace barrel liners quickly with minimal down-time. Cradles can be fitted with dividable liners. These liners contain slots for 9 dividers which create up to 10 compartments within each barrel.

PATENTED CAM LOCKS United's patented over-centering cam locks ensures lids are secured to barrels. This system also eliminates the need for any tools. Lids can be removed in seconds and stored in the CPC4000's lid compartment while parts are loaded and unloaded.

AUTO RINSE AND SEPARATION The CPC4000's automated rinse and separation system separates and rinses parts and media through the use of interchangeable stainless steel separation screens which can be ordered in different sizes and be easily changed.

SIMPLIFIED MAINTENANCE The CPC4000 eliminates the need to remove barrels from the machine to access parts and media. Simply remove the lid and dump contents into the material handling system. Parts can be separated from the media through screens while they exit the machine separately. The CPC4000 can be ordered with an optional conveyor system. This conveyor can gently take parts from the separator up to a turntable or other surface.